Lee Soo Geun partnered up with MC Lee Kyung Kyu to go around asking for a meal, and found a welcoming host in a single male. The men sat down for conversation during their meal, where the host revealed that his dream is to form a loving family once he meets the love of his life. Lee Soo Geun then ...
It was recently revealed that comedian Lee Soo Geun (36)'s wife Park Ji Yeon (25) is struggling with her health even after undergoing kidney surgery. According to those close to the comedian and his broadcast management staff, his wife Park received surgery back in October, but has remained at the ...

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A HARD JOURNEY TO JUSTICE: First Term Report by the Presidential Truth ... - Presidential Truth Commission on Suspicious Deaths (Republic of KOREA) - Google Books

More details about comedian Lee Su-geun's sick wife have emerged following the celebrity's appearance on the show “Lee Mi-sook's Bad Scene.” Following a preview of the show, netizens were abuzz with speculations about the illness his wife, Park Ji-yeon, was suffering from. On the cable-channel.
Lee Sang-eun sings her hit, 'One Day' [Snail Hotel]. Jung In-sun apologizes in the cutest way possible! [Laughter in Waikiki]. Conflicted Go Kyung-pyo! [Cross]. Kim Sung-tae prepares a dosirak for Park Won-soon [We Are the One]. Oh Dal-soo is accused of sexual assault [JTBC News Room]. Power of Judo athletes [Hyori's ...

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In Focus: Park Su-geun | University of Michigan Museum of Art

Comedian Lee Su Geun is making cameo appearance in KBS2 weekend drama “My Husband Got a Family“. Lee Su Geun is yet another guest stars after Kim Seung Woo, Hong Eun Hee, and other stars, and will appear as the role of ex-manager of Yoon Bin (Kim Won Joon) in episode 21 of “My Husband.
The troubles keep on piling up for comedian Lee Soo Geun. After being found guilty of gambling just a few months ago, the once prolific comedian is now being sued for over USD$1.8 million in damages as a result of his conviction. In an telephone call with news media outlet, X Sports News, ...

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Have you ever seen a person as witty as Lee Soo-geun? : koreanvariety

Kang Ho-dong and Lee Soo-geun, who are battling together in TVN'New Journey to the West 'and JTBC'아는형님', have recently filled the year 2017 with a homerun to Kang's Kitchen. 'Kang's Kitchen' has enjoyed an impressive audience rating of 8.2% this week, renewing its highest audience rating in a.Missing:
Lee Soo Geun's beautiful wife attracts attention Comedian Lee Soo Geun's wife, Park Ji Yeon, was recently revealed on KBS2TV's “1 Night 2 Days“. Her picture was unveiled on the show's latest episode,...

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Focus On: 100 Most Popular South Korean Male Film Actors - Wikipedia contributors - Google Books

Park Ji Yeon and Lee soo Geun and their 2 kids, fighting!! korniceman3000 • 6 years ago. Really wish Park Ji Yeon and her baby a quick and speedy recovery. The world needs more happy families with happy endings... Hopefully, this Christmas will bring them a joyous gift in the form of better health... Our thoughts and.
SM C&C made a statement regarding entertainer and comedian Lee Soo Geun's current situation since his gambling charges as well as rebuked all recent rumors reporting his imminent comeback. On April 29th, Lee Soo Geun's agency SM C&C, reported, “As of now, no comeback related schedules have.

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Lee Soo Geun, Taek Jae Hoon, Tony Ahn Charged With 1 Year In Prison : Issues : KDramaStars

The web's community of communities now has one central hub.
Lee Soo-geun and his two sons (Lee Tae-Joon & Lee Tae-Soo) had a trip to Bhutan to give viewers a "healing" when he showed his comradeship as a comedian,.. Korean name – A Korean name consists of a family name followed by a given name, as used by the Korean people in both South Korea and North Korea.

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TENASIA | Lee Soo-geun Admitted Illegal Gambling Charge

But it was different when I laid my eyes on 1 Night 2 Days.
I was really fond of him back then.
Now… still fond of him, but not overly fond.
Was it the Korean tourist sites factor?
Or was it the Korean food factor?
They said season 2 was lacking the friendship bond that season 1 has.
Season 2 looks fine to me.
The members were funny, getting along just fine and looks pretty solid despite little bumps every now and then.
Individually they are funny in their own way.
The three seniors, Kim Jong Min, Lee Su Geun and Uhm Tae Wung were undoubtedly funny with their own distinctive character.
As a senior comedian, I think Su Geun managed to lead the whole show without being too overwhelming.
His game and gag ideas were fresh and fun to watch.
It echoed in my head for days!
My best friend and I ended up calling the show kyokyo.
Last but not least, the variety genius, Kim Jong Min my absolute favorite, love him so very muchwith his silly and sharp sports betting manner is so lovable.
Image copied from Meanwhile, the four new guys, Kim Seung Woo, Sung Si Kyung, Joo Won and Cha Tae Hyun added some color into the show.
Yes, I agreed to the comments that Sung Si Kyung and Joo Won were sometimes too eager to maintain their Ballad Prince and Cool Actor image, but there were times where the contrast of their personality with other members were pretty enjoyable to watch.
The serious Sung lawyer who battled with Bird PD were often annoying, but the PD reaction were too funny.
Joo Won relied too much on his aegyo maknae side, but sometimes I think it works too.
I found his continue reading gags hilarious!
Bottom line, I think these seven guys worth my time every single week.
Image copied from joowonenglish.
My best friend and I cried watching his last episodes.
However, the arrival of Yoo Hae Lee soo geun family added a kick to 1N2D.
He clicked with Lee Su Geun right away, producing funny gag scenes throughout the show.
They both were really natural at it and it successfully got me laughing my tummy off.
Image copied from 1n2d Tumblr When they one bet mobile that Joo Won were quitting the show, I felt so disappointed.
Then several weeks later, all hell broke lose.
It is said that another member were going to quit the show.
I got frustrated and scared.
I was scared that the show might be endangered of being cancelled.
There were even rumors of Kim Jong Min fed up with the lee soo geun family and refused to continue being the member.
Anyone but him, please.
Then, during the last few episodes of the show, the major last blow came from Lee Su Geun.
Him being investigated by the police and found guilty really put season 2 to its end.
I was sad, really really sad.
One wrong choice and he faced legal prosecution and up to now is banned from tv stations.
Watching the very last episode of season 2 was like a roller coaster ride of emotion for me.
Tears ran down my cheeks, reminiscing all the previous episodes got my heart ached, losing a Sunday night entertainment made me really sad.
I never thought I can get so attached to a variety show that I even cried because of it.
Although it was a relief to know Kim Jong Min is staying for another season, but still, it created a big empty hole in my heart when season 2 ended.
Image copied from 1 Night 2 Days Season 2 Facebook Page With pain in my heart after saying goodbye to season 2, I braced myself to face season 3 with hopes that it would at least be as entertaining as season 2.
Phew, this post turned out longer than I planned for.
My Husband Got a Family or Unexpected You or You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly or Neongkuljjae Gulleoon Danshin Oh dear, so many different ways to translate the title… phew!
The drama got one of the highest ratings in drama history during its five-months long run.
Of course, with a star such as Kim Nam Joo and Yoo Jun Sang, this drama sure is promising at first glance.
Luck is on her side when he met and got married to a handsome plus smart doctor, Terry Kang, who was an adopted child of a Korean Parents that grew up in the U.
Yoon Hee feels she was blessed.
One day, Yoon Hee and Terry move to a new apartment.
Instantly having problems with the landlord and their three daughters who lives just next door.
Having constantly reminded of his blurry past after moving into the neighborhood, Terry suddenly feels the urge to find his biological parents.
Terry finally finds his biological parents who turns out to be… the landlord next door!
This is where things get tangled and tangled even more for Yoon Hee, Terry, and the Bang family.
Uhm Lee soo geun family Ae, the mother, is the one who is constantly blamed by her husband and her mother-in-law.
Bang Il Sook is the eldest daughter in the Bang family.
She finds out that her husband has cheated on her with his boss and ended up living in her parents house with her only daughter after they got divorced.
Bang Yi Sook is a 30 years old tomboy.
Things changed when she met Chun Jae Yong, a son of a wealthy family, who is funny and goofy.
He is a manager in a cafe where she works as a waitress.
Bang Mal Sook is the youngest of three.
Se Kwang is handsome, rich, and cares a lot about her.
Until one day, she finds out a shocking truth about Se Kwang.
The first few episodes, I was so drawn by the charm of Yoo Jun Sang.
Yes, I think he resembles everything a woman looks for in a man.
A husband material, one of my lee soo geun family used to say.
I think he portrays the character of Gwi Nam really well.
Kind, loving and a little bit awkward due to the fact that Gwi Nam grew up in the States, I guess.
And Kim Nam Joo… what should I say about her… interesting?
This couple is so lovable.
They act so natural, although everybody knows that Kim Nam Joo has a fantastic husband, actor Kim Seung Woo, and look so amazing together.
However, later on in the drama, my attention was forced to fixed on the other couple, Chun Jae Yong and Bang Yi Sook.
They both are such a cute couple!
Everytime they have a scene together it was always so refreshing, funny, sweet and heart-warming at the same time.
Jae Yong is so funny, keeps getting into arguments with Yi Sook but later falls deeply in love with her.
No, this is not a spoiler.
I can easily spot not long after these two characters met that they are going to be a couple.
I smiled a lot, laugh a lot everytime I watched them together.
I was and still totally hooked with them!
I knew that Jae Yong and Yi Sook would be a couple, yet they somehow wrapped the story in such a way that I kept waiting for what happens next.
About cameos, this drama has so many cameos of famous people.
My favorite Korean celebrity, KIM JONG MIN, is there!
Sung Si Kyung is there too I only mention him for the sake of my best friend, you know who you are :D.
The most interesting cameos of all is Kim Seung Woo and Hong Eun Hee.
Although he only appears for a few brief minutes, but his character is so funny and such a contrast from his usual character in other dramas that I laugh the whole time he was on!
My Husband Got a Family runs for 58 episodes.
I usually only watch dramas 16 to 20 episodes long, so I immediately say no to watching it.
Then, because it got great review, ratings and stuff, plus the Kim Jong Min factor, I got curious.
My Husband Got a Family, other than its high ratings, also won several awards and the casts are nominated in numerous categories in KBS drama award.
The soundtrack is pretty good too.
I declare this drama highly recommended!

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